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15 day trial package

15 day trial package from our company provides IPTV subscription services straight to your set-top box device through the internet. This includes AVOV, Infomir (MAG), Kodi, and our cost free Android app. We give customers direct exclusive access to all standard and FHD channels, ranging from sports, movies and popular TV shows. Stream your favorite channels straight from your home.

Easy to use Automatic updates

You can watch TV shows with one of these devices:

a Smart TV from Samsung or LG and the Smart IPTV APP from the respective APP Store
Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Fire TV
Box with K0DI MAG receiver e.g. 250, 254, 270 or higher
Linux Receiver e.g. Dreambox, VU SOLO, Gigablue with Enigma 2, Blomc One, Blom X
PC with VLC player or via our web player (Windows or Apple)
Tablet (IOS, Android app or with our webplayer)
Mobile phone (IOS, Android app or with our webplayer)

15 day trial package only for 4.99

You are welcome to test our quality and station lists for 15 days with this package, then decide to switch to a long-term package.

With our SERVICE, you can receive your favorite channels without the hassle of installing antennas or laying cables.
It is also unimportant, whether you are in the footprint of the satellite or not. The only thing you need is, an Internet connection from 2Mbit / s. You can start watching TV straight away.
Digital channels and also FHD channels can be received (please refer to the channel list below). If you go on vacation and you have a sufficient internet connection in your vacation spot, you can also receive your usual TV channels while on vacation.
IPTV is set for the countries listed below.


You also have the option of viewing your list using our free Android app.

15 day trial package - Free Android App.


15 day trial package - Free Web Player, you can use with our service for free

You can easily use our lists anywhere on your PC with our Web player.

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Showing all 2 results